What is IRS Form SS-4, Obtain Your IRS EIN SS4 Online

What is IRS Form SS-4?

These forms are used when obtaining and Employer Identification Number from the IRS. You can obtain one using an SS-4 online application, or at the SSA office.

The IRS EIN Application form SS-4 is the IRS, Internal Revenue Services, application form code explaining the application form needed. The same form is used for sole proprietors and companies alike, you can also use SS4 Online when submitting an IRS EIN Online.

IRS Form SS-4 Application

You can file for your IRS EIN Online in minutes by using an easy assisted online SS4 processing service like this Form SS-4 Online Application

If you’re starting your own business, setting up a trust or just selling things as a hobby and profiting more than $600 annually while living within the United States of America you’re required to have an Employer Identification Number and to file taxes for those funds.

Failure to follow the Internal Revenue Service guidelines for IRS EIN Numbers and taxation in the USA can be punishable by fines and/or prison time so be sure to obtain your EIN and properly file your taxes every year.

We hear a lot of people saying they have EIN online application problems when submitting their information or they can’t figure out what supporting documents are required for their specific IRS SS-5 Form selection.

Instructions for IRS Form SS-4

We’d like to clarify that there is only one IRS Form SS-5 that covers all business entities as well as sole proprietorships.

Official IRS Form SS-4 Section 9a “Type of entity” is where you select the type of EIN you require, example listing of available sections below.

Section 9a Type of Entity:

  • Sole Proprietor
  • Partnership
  • Corporation
  • Estate
  • Plan administrator
  • Trust
  • National Guard
  • Famers cooperative
  • State/local government
  • Federal government/mility
  • Indian tribal governments/enterprises
  • Personal service corporation
  • Church or church-controlled organization
  • Other nonprofit organization
  • Other (specify)

As you can see above there are many reasons someone would apply for an EIN, in many cases people are looking for an IRS EIN when attempting to open a bank account for a new business and they realize that an EIN is required with their businesses articles of incorporation in order to open their bank account.

We suggest finding an online Form SS-4 processing assistant to assist you in making sure that your Form SS-4 is properly completed so that your form isn’t rejected due to incompletion or inaccurate information.

Form SS-4

Some people choose to hire law firms to file their Employer Identification Number on their behalf but this generally isn’t necessary and costs a lot of money, simply using a Form SS-4 assistant and following their supporting documents guidelines should be a cost effective solution when needing an EIN.

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