Application For EIN

Application For EIN

You may submit your application for EIN online or by submitting your SS-4 Form via us postal service, you can also hire a lawyer to file on your behalf but its generally unnecessarily expensive.


It usually makes the most sense to use an EIN online website to assist you in your filings but if you’re familiar with the bylaws and SS-4 online forms you can also self submit after filing your articles of incorporation with your state.

SS-4 Form Application For EIN Online Example

Application For EIN

Application For EIN By Mail

See above for a sample SS-4 Form, this type of form can be completed and submitted via USPS for filing as well but can take a few weeks to process and must be completed accurately.

2017 IRS Form SS4 will be posted when available, we currently are not expecting any relevant revisions.

Many entrepreneurs have questions about EINs and whether they want one. So we believed we’d supply several responses.

Based on the IRS, your company must have an EIN if any of these standards apply:

  • You company has employees
  • Your company runs as a partnership or a corporation
  • You withhold taxes on income other than wages
  • You’ve got a Keogh Plan
  • You’re involved with specific organizations recorded on the IRS web site

Beyond filing taxes, you may even need an EIN to:

Start a bank account in the name of your company, for company licenses or another reason you might want to have an EIN.

For instance, in case you are a contractor who works with a lot of customers, revealing your Social Security Number may expose you to identity theft that is private.

This won’t remove your opportunities falling victim to identity theft, obviously, but it’ll probably retain the burglar from getting your personal accounts.

If you need to apply for a tax id number we suggest our online EIN Application.

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