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You don’t need to hire an expensive law firm or the ability to understand government bylaws and legal fine print to determine what type of IRS EIN entity to select and how to file your own official SS-4 IRS EIN Application, with a little guidance you can file yourself and save a lot of money!

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IRS EIN Application

IRS EIN Application

First let us start by saying that we are not affiliated with any government agency and we are simply a private business that has been handling state and federal filings, such as an IRS EIN Application, for sole proprietors and business owners like yourself since 1996!

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We know how complicating and overwhelming it can get when trying to file any state or federal document relating to business and taxations, there are generally a ton of big unnecessary words, bylaws and stipulations to each form not to mention prerequisites and accompanying documents often required.

IRS EIN Application

Luckily there are a few solutions to filing your own SS-4 IRS EIN Application, first you need to understand that applying for an IRS EIN is absolutely required for anyone opening a bank account for any business or performing any business sales over $600 per year annually.

IRS EIN Application Online Information

Failure to acquire an IRS EIN Application Number to perform business under over a certain yearly income is illegal and can land you in prison for multiple years your first offense which is a bit crazy if you think about it.

Maybe you just sold a few things you made in your garage for fun and you happened to be fortunate enough to make $800 over the course of the year and you don’t claim it?

Well you could wind up jail over this when all it would have taken was a few minutes and a few dollars to file for a legal official IRS EIN Application Number for tax purposes online using an SS-4 form and a little research to determine which accompanying documents are required.

Be sure to research articles of incorporation and determine if possibly a LLC, Limited Liability Company, may be better suited to protect you and your businesses assets, the additional associated costs are minimal and most states don’t require annual business filings while some do and these are important things to denote when decided which method to file under in your state for maximum protection and minimum taxation.

File your EIN Application online to obtain your EIN number and certification online in minutes.

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