Federal Tax ID (EIN/TIN) Filing Made Easy Online Instantly

Federal Tax ID (EIN/TIN) Filing Made Easy Online Instantly

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  • Why pay a law firm as much as $325.00 to file an SS-4 on your behalf? This is very standard when obtaining your articles of incorporation from a law firm they will charge as much as $325.00 to obtain your matching EIN on your behalf, Why pay a lawyer over twice as much when it can take them as long as 2 weeks to obtain an EIN using a physical SS-4 when we can do it in a matter of minutes using our online processing system?

  • You can be certain that your SS-4 is properly completed by your own personal filing agent who knows the proper filing bylaws and procedures from a company that files over 100 federal filings each and every day.

  • Foreign entity? Can't register your own EIN / SS-4 due to having a non matching or non existing social security number due to foreign residency or other issues? No problem! Our professional filing agents are certified to issue employer identification numbers using ITIN (individual tax payer identification numbers) it is impossible for foreign entities to file for an SS-4 / EIN on their own in this case you can not obtain an EIN without a filing agency such as ours first processing an ITIN on your behalf.

  • Save money and time! Filing for yourself for the first time can take hours of research in many scenarios such as S-Corp or complicated subsidiary companies and trust/estate filings why not hire a trusted company to file on your behalf? Feel free to compare prices you'll see that we are as much as $125.00 below our competitors.

  • When you choose to file with us you can be sure to receive your EIN the same day, In most cases you will receive your EIN via email within as little as 15 minutes of your payment submission.

  • Fast automated assisted application, Using our straight forward SS-4 data collection application you can simply answer straight forward questions regarding your trust, estate or business entity and we will do the rest.

  • Modifying or appending information to an existing SS-4 EIN can be very complicated however if you choose our service you will receive unlimited assistance with your EIN in the future, Need to change a business address? Simply email or call us and we will help you update your EIN information at no additional charge!

  • We are a one stop state and federal filing agency, Not only can we properly file your SS-4 and obtain your EIN on your behalf but we also offer articles of incorporation, power of attorney, DBA (doing business as / assumed name) and almost any other state or federal filing you could possibly need for your new trust, estate or business. Don't know what other filings you may be legally required to obtain? No problem this is another reason why hundreds of people choose us each and every day, We can tell you exactly what is required and file the proper documents on your behalf at a greatly discounted price below our competition!

As you'll quickly find, filing on your own behalf is complicated and time consuming and as you may already know, law firms and other websites charge as much as $500.00 to acquire an EIN for you. Most competing online services only offer an EIN when most new EIN applicants needs go well beyond simply acquiring an EIN. Our agents have knowledge of each filings specific needs and in most cases offer filing services for these as well without the need of further information. We charge a one time fee of $150.00 and offer a full refund if for any reason you are not satisfied simply Contact Us.

There are many additional time consuming legal filings and documents needed in order to use your EIN as intended. For example in the case of Trusts and Estates almost 90% of first time EIN applicants filing will be required to obtain a "power of attorney" (often referred to as a P.O.A.) in order for the signer of the EIN to use the newly acquired number for use in transferring of property or funds as required by all banks in the U.S.A. Another common example is in the case of an L.L.C. (limited liability company) all multi-partner LLC owners and partners should have a thorough "corporate resolution" stating each members legal signing ability for the company and it's members and assets. The most valuable service we are proud to offer for all of our clients is our custom evaluation of each application submissions. Our filing agents look at every aspect of your filing with us and your businesses filing purpose we then compile a list of all filings that you will need to use your new EIN and email you everything needed along with instruction of it's proper usage. Below you'll find a list of the legal filings included at no additional cost listed below (more available when applicable on a case per case basis custom documents can be provided) saving you $50.00 to $180.00 per document when compared to our number one online competitor. Look below for the most common included filings required and contact us if you have any special filing needs and we will do our best to accommodate.

  • Power of Attorney (P.O.A.) (Wikipedia)
  • Corporate Resolution (Wikipedia)
  • Articles of Incorporation (legally required state filing; additional filing fees required) (Wikipedia)
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